Who we are

Hi there! We`re All Aflutter and we make people smile!

And laugh their heads off. And sob with great verve. And grin from ear to ear. And remember the moment in between moments.

We love telling stories. We believe in the power of memory. And we esteem the importance of capturing the most significant moments in your life. We freeze time and build time machines to transport you back to that moment when you said yes. Or 'I do'. Or 'til death do us part'.

It's that moment when your heart skipped a beat or went, well, all aflutter.

What we do

We take photos. We take videos. We set up photobooths for your weddings, parties and events. We tell stories.

Get in touch with us

We would love to hear from you. Drop us a line on our phone or email, or just use the form below and we'll get right back to you!

mail: we.are@allaflutter.sg

phone: +65 9726-1726

facebook: http://fb.com/allaflutter.sg

Change is a good thing.

Hi there! Don't get too alarmed if you were looking for Blink Photography. We're still here, just with a new look and a new name. We still do everything that we do, and then some.

We're still reachable on all our old addresses, just to make sure we don't miss anyone out on this new adventure. But update your contacts: you can still hit us up at we.are@allaflutter.sg.

Tell me more!

All in good time. But because we've been doing so much more than just photography, we felt a complete revamp was needed to reflect the direction we were always headed. So take a deep breath. Take a moment. Take the plunge.

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