We are, All Aflutter.


We love weddings so much that we’ve been to hundreds of them. We’ve waded into waters above our knees, bashed through dense forest undergrowth, prone on sand dunes for pre-weddings, bridal shoots, actual day weddings and intimate ROM ceremonies. All whilst lugging all manner of photography and videography equipment. And we can do all that for you.


Take your event or wedding to the next level with our Dollop Photobooths. we are pretty sure no one else has them. Inspired by the vintage photobooths of yore and hand-crafted right here in Singapore, blow your guests away and give them an experience they will never forget.


We immortalize your event. Be they  launch parties, dinner & dances, birthday celebrations, sports competitions, forums, seminars or exhibitions: we do it all. Memories for mum & dad or publicity gold for your marketing team? No problem.

Our Team

Jonah Sun, principal photographer of All Aflutter

Jonah Sun

Jonah is a master at capturing the intimate intricacies of human life, preserving special moments with every snap. As principal photographer of All Aflutter, he sets the direction for the company and mentors the team to grow together collectively.

Rueven Tan, associate photographer of All Aflutter

Rueven Tan

Beneath his easy-going demeanour, Rueven is a highly experienced photographer with the knack for capturing the moment. You can always count on him for a joke, or fifteen.

Amber Lim, All Aflutter

Amber Lim

Amber is typically the first point of contact for clients, and in charge of account management. She is also the face of Dollop Photobooths, just by being there most of the time.

let us be a part of your event

All Aflutter is delicate, but potent. In telling stories (with light & motion), we breathe life back into people’s memories. we bring them back again to that skipped heartbeat, when they felt that slight, almost bittersweet, ache as they said yes to forever to the person standing across them at the aisle.

We are also experienced in corporate portraiture and commercial films. Contact us for special package rates!

email: we.are@allaflutter.sg

contact: +65 8669 5965

We Are, All Aflutter.