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"We are All Aflutter." People usually do a double-take when we tell them who we are. Perhaps it sounds a little odd, this little bit of a phrase that hasn't quite entered everyday conversation. But really, that's what we're about. The little skipped heartbeat, that moment caught in between the seconds, that sparkle of light in your eyes or the tingle shivering down your spine when you first glance at the person, that love of your life, all the way down the aisle after the doors swing open. 

That's what keeps us going. Seeking light and that moment when your hearts went all aflutter. And we still think Don Draper said it best: photographs are a time machine, that transport you back to that moment where you laughed or wept or loved with all the fullness of your heart. A memory you can hold in your hands. Be it a moment of honesty, of candid joy, of you just being you; we see that ardent beauty in that simplicity, and strive to bring it back to you with every photograph. 

Daneil & Eunice

What We Do

It's been a journey. Wedding days, pre-weddings, couple or engagement portraits, professional or creative collaborations, family shoots, corporate events or celebrations of every type and form imaginable, we've done it. We shoot photos and videos and run a pretty awesome photobooth as well. You name it, and we've got you covered. Just get in touch with us and we'll be happy to help!